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Plugging this into that seems simple enough. But doing it correctly takes some care. There are all kinds of cables and all types of connectors, and using the correct one can be critical to getting the best sound-and for protecting your valuable equipment. Many cables offer special extras such as angled connectors and silent switching, so be sure to compare both features and price when making your selection. From guitar and microphone cables to speaker leads and exotic adapters, AMS is the go-to source for all your audio cabling needs.
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Affordable and reliable, the Pro Co StageMaster Audio Snakes feature a pro quality rugged design with solid connectors and a flexible cable design that is easy to manage when coiling for storage. The Pro Co ...
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Ideal for studios of all levels, the Mogami Gold DB25 to TRS snake will provide incredible reliability and performance every time! This snake is made using Mogami’s 8 channel multi-pair cable, the recognized ...
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The Audio Technica HDC314A is a replacement headphone cable for Audio Technica LS-series earbuds and features a 4.4mm balanced connection and high-quality conductors for great sound. Audio Technica ...
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The HDC123312 is a high-quality replacement cable for Audio Technica headphones including ATH-MSR7, ATH-WS1100 and ATH-AR5. Dual gold-plated stereo 3.5mm (1/8-inch) connectors, annealing silver plated copper wire ...