Outlet DJ Turntable Cartridges

More than just the needle, the cartridge transforms the stylus vibrations into a musical signal and out to the mixer. Replace a tired or worn-out cartridge, or upgrade to premium performance model. Matched pairs are available.
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  • The VM95SP cartridge with 3.0 mil conical stylus fits half-inch mount turntables. While this cartridge is designed to play 78 RPM mono records, it is, nevertheless, a stereo cartridge, allowing users to choose ...
    Non-Factory Sealed
    Price: $79.00
    Save: $9.05 (11%)
    $69.95      $69.95
  • The AT-LH is a universal 1/2'-mount headshell, optimized to accommodate 4-pin turntable cartridges with threaded bodies, such as the AT-OC9X Series and VM95 Series cartridges. This aluminum headshell with hard ...
    Non-Factory Sealed
    $79.95      $79.95
    3 Payments of $26.65
  • Tailored specifically for scratch, the OM Q.Bert provides unrivaled tracking ability and sonic characteristics. The OM Q.Bert on the SH-4 Black headshell is a practical and convenient solution for our customers ...
    Rating   5.0 out of 5 stars. 9 ratings.
    Minor Blemish Product
    Price: $194.99
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