Antelope Audio is a leading professional audio equipment manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in digital and analog audio technologies. Always innovative and original, Antelope is continually expanding its already impressive product portfolio by designing advanced and affordable AD/DA converters and audio interfaces, the industry's finest master clocks, premium “AFX” audio effects and mic emulations, discrete microphone preamps and modeling microphones. Antelope Audio products are known for their fast, intuitive workflow and reliable software, including both desktop and mobile remote apps.


Antelope Audio provides their customers with state-of-the-art solutions for a constantly evolving music industry. Among their customers and endorsers, you'll find many Grammy award-winning sound engineers, world-famous artists, pop stars and some of the most renowned recording, mastering and post-production studios around the globe.

Audio Interfaces

Over the past few years, Antelope Audio has established itself as a key player in the digital audio interface market. Featuring the company's industry-renowned Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology and pristine AD/DA conversion, Antelope audio interfaces also offer extended connectivity and the highest analog and digital I/O count on the market. Adding further value to its products, the manufacturer introduced a growing line of FPGA-based FX models of legendary studio gear including EQs, compressors, guitar amps and cabinets.

Antelope Audio interfaces are divided in two categories. Best-sellers such as Orion32+, Goliath, Orion Studio Rev. 2017 and Zen Tour can be found under the USB & Thunderbolt™ interfaces banner. In 2017, the company also introduced a line of Pro Tools HD & USB 3.0 audio interfaces. The Orion32 HD, Goliath HD, and Orion Studio HD have made their way into numerous Pro Tools-centered facilities and won the hearts of audio professionals all over the globe.

Among the company’s latest endeavors are the Discrete 4 & 8 audio interfaces with a unique mic preamp design utilizing discrete electronics. These are perfectly matched with the company's first modeling microphones: Edge and Verge. Their growing mic emulation library gives users access to classic and expensive microphones, authentically modeled by the proprietary Antelope Audio FPGA FX engine. Antelope began 2018 by introducing another future classic – the Edge Strip, an all-in-one solution for high-quality studio recordings with vintage analog sound. It includes the brand new Discrete MP Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp, the Edge Modeling Microphone, and the AFX Fusion Pack.

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Antelope Audio Clocking

With over two decades of experience in the field of digital audio clocking technologies, Antelope Audio revolutionized the industry by introducing the 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm and pioneering the adoption of Atomic Master Clocks. Synonymous with unbeatable sonic accuracy, flagship units like Trinity, OCX and OCX-V have established themselves as legendary, ground-breaking studio gear used in facilities all around the world to this very day.

Currently, the Antelope Audio clocking legacy is carried on by the 768 kHz master clock OCX HD, the portable but powerful LiveClock, and the 10MX Rubidium Atomic Clock.

The 10MX is the latest member of the Antelope Audio Isochrone master clock series. It offers both the 10M's precision atomic clocking and the Trinity's latest-generation jitter-management algorithm in a gorgeous 1U aluminum enclosure. Combining all of Antelope's technological might in the field of clocking, the 10MX is capable of the most stable and musical Acoustically Focused Clocking in the industry at up to a 768kHz sample rate.

The result of over 20 years of clocking technology refinement, 10MX's unique Rubidium Atomic Clock is backed by an ultra-stable, resonance-controlled master oscillator set to 10MHz. Clock stability is ensured by oven control, making for a maximum drift of up to +/- 0.02PPM. With 10 BNC Atomic Clock Outputs, 10MX can synchronize up to ten units (with compatible 10MHz inputs) simultaneously. Connectivity is further enhanced by four BNC Word Clock outputs, a pair of AES/EBU XLR outs, and 2 x S/PDIF RCA outs. Incorporating the 10MX into a studio setup makes a remarkable difference in sound quality, described by users as "shockingly" good.

Likewise, Antelope Audio is incorporating its game-changing clocking technologies in the company's growing portfolio of audio interfaces, ensuring the industry's best conversion, mic pres, and FX libraries are backed by Antelope’s acclaimed rock-solid clocking.

Microphones and Mic Emulations

Always striving for innovative and complete studio solutions, Antelope Audio has developed a pair of condenser modeling microphones — the large-diaphragm Edge and small-diaphragm Verge. Featuring discrete electronics and circuits designed by Antelope’s own RnD team, the microphones stand out with their sturdy build quality, exemplary transient response and natural, refined sound. Edge has two hand-selected capsules for optimal recording flexibility and the capability to authentically emulate classic dual-capsule microphones, including variable polar patters and off-axis frequency response. Verge is a compact and versatile microphone that can make its way into any recording session by virtue of its ability to handle high SPL instruments like drums and percussion.

The comprehensive Antelope mic emulation package presents a choice of all-time classic microphones, authentically recreated by virtue of the latest and greatest in modeling technology. Artists and producers are finally free to experiment with the coveted sounds of vintage microphones without the need to pay exorbitant prices and service fees for rare and delicate vintage models.

Both Edge and Verge microphones now come with a native AFX plug-in (available in VST, AU and AAX formats) compatible with any DAW for both macOS and Windows.
iLok 2 or 3 required. Not included in the pack.

To ensure users are able to make the most of Edge under any recording or rehearsal circumstances, Antelope Audio went on to create the DiscreteMP. DiscreteMP is a fully analog preamp with discrete circuitry designed to perfectly complement the Edge microphone. The unit brings out the best of its sonic characteristics and mic emulation capabilities with ease and zero hassle. As they are meant to perform together, DiscreteMP and Edge are bundled in the Edge Strip, which also includes preamp emulations, the BAE 1073 EQ, and the Stay-Levin vintage compressor to make for a complete modern analog recording package that remains affordable.

The Edge and Verge microphones pair perfectly with Discrete 4 and 8, the latest audio interfaces by Antelope. Their discrete preamps and zero-latency FPGA-based hardware effects offer excellent recording and monitoring opportunities for discerning audio purists.

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FPGA FX technology

Already a leader in digital audio clocking, Antelope Audio is now on a mission to revolutionize the world of digital audio interfaces. In addition to guaranteeing the lowest latency on the market when creating and streaming multiple mixes, our custom Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip endows Antelope devices with massive hardware modeling capabilities.

Our audio interfaces feature a new breed of powerful hardware-based audio effects. These include vintage and contemporary guitar amp & cab simulations developed in collaboration with Overloud, as well as Antelope’s very own enhanced recreations of legendary studio gear.

Unlike DSP chips, FPGAs aren't limited by the number of processing cores available but offer the same flexibility of software running on a traditional processor. FPGAs are truly parallel, thus different processing operations do not compete for the same resources. With FPGAs, each independent processing task is assigned to a dedicated section of the chip and the performance of an application's particular part isn't affected by the rest.

Furthermore, applications such as the Antelope Audio AFX emulations of vintage EQs and compressors are directly implemented in hardware circuits rather than executed on top of an OS, drivers, or other applications. We take pride in offering circuit-level recreations of classic hardware units for free with our audio interfaces. But more importantly, FPGA technology lets us achieve ultra-low zero-latency processing by bypassing the aforementioned bottlenecks.

The Antelope Audio FPGA-based AFX are sorted into five categories — Guitar Classics, Compressors, Mic Emulations, Equalizer Legends, and AuraVerb. They are all listed in detail on the Antelope Audio FPGA FX website.

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Other products:

Rack 1

In the growing Antelope Audio product portfolio, customers will discover a variety of units which allow them to complete a full studio ecosystem. With love for both digital clarity and analog detail, Antelope Audio has set new standards for high-quality mic preamp products, designed as perfect companions for the company's audio interfaces.

MP32, for example, was conceived as the perfect match for the Orion 32 family of audio interfaces. Featuring 32 class-A mic pres with phantom power and 32 line-level inputs — four of which can operate as Hi-Z instrument inputs — it provides users with full sonic transparency and complete signal integrity throughout the whole chain. From the mic pres through to the conversion, recording and playback, all of it is characterized by the signature Antelope sound.

Pristine analog circuitry, natural sounding converters and transparent relay attenuators are among Antelope Audio's signature tools for providing pro audio engineers and artists with an incomparable listening experience while mixing and mastering.

Even the most elaborate sound system is useless without having complete control over its components. Satori is the NAMM TEC Award Winning high-end monitoring controller. Designed for mastering-grade transparency and impeccable analog detail, Satori is a monitoring solution with utmost sonic accuracy when routing and switching between audio sources. The unit pairs ideally with Antelope converters to deliver reliable, world-class mixing and monitoring control.

A competent 8-channel analog mixing solution in its own right, Satori facilitates independent monitoring setups with multiple personalized mixes for both musicians and engineers. It retains the characteristically great sonic performance of our relay attenuators and presents a specialized PCB layout and power supply technology designed for sterling, mastering-grade quality.

Fully representing the Antelope penchant for maxed-out connectivity options, Satori employs 8 stereo inputs, 4 stereo outputs, XLR, 1/4-inch TRS, D-Sub, and subwoofer outputs — all housed in a beautiful 1U aluminum chassis. Also worthy of mention are the four separate headphone amps with independent volume controls and audiophile-grade drivers coming from the Antelope line of premium high-end home audio converters. For engineers, several types of talkback mic sources are available, facilitated by a bespoke software talkback solution.

Rack 7

Another standout feature of Satori is an Antelope patent-pending technology for dramatically reducing popping or zippering artifacts when volume is adjusted with mechanical relay attenuators. The passive attenuator signal path completely preserves audio signal integrity with the subtlest of nuances.

The final piece of the Satori puzzle is R4S, the unit's dedicated remote control. The bus-powered remote replicates Satori's front panel functionality, allowing comfortable and ergonomic control directly from the mix position. With the R4S, engineers are treated to fast and precise control over sources, monitors, and talkback. Should they have to move away from the mixing desk, everything still remains in control via the free Android & iOS app, capable of managing Satori's entire functionality and putting the unit's power at engineers' literal fingertips. It's no wonder this innovative, fully-featured system was honored with NAMM's prestigious TEC Award — Satori truly has it all!

Finally, let's have a look at the Pure2. Pure2 is the Antelope high-end mastering converter and master clock utilizing the best of their conversion and clocking technology. It features the acclaimed Acoustically Focused Clocking jitter management algorithms alongside clear and transparent-sounding analog circuitry. The unit is powered by a proprietary multi-stage linear power supply for reliable, noise-free operation. It also boasts a dual-DAC architecture for improved stereo imaging and signal-to-noise ratio, as well as warm-sounding A/D conversion (based on the famous Burr Brown PCM4222) and a dedicated D/A converter which allows monitoring a secondary source. Volume control is established via stepped relay attenuator with 0.05dB precision for tight channel tracking and noise-free operation at all volume levels.